Illegitimate Joe Tries To Appease Swing-State Muslims By Calling For ‘Pause’ In Gaza As Hamas Retreats

Joe Biden was in Congress for 36 years, VP for 8 years, and now he is our illegitimate president. Biden is a criminal, warmonger, liar, moron, puppet, and an election thief.  Illegitimate Joe doesn’t give a damn about PEOPLE. He does NOT care if people die in Gaza. He just wants Muslim votes. There is NO lie Biden will not tell. And that is why we can NOT trust anything he says! Illegitimate Joe, the tyrant, has been in office for 50 years but democrat voters still do NOT know he is a lying piece of shit terrorist who belongs in prison.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is ANTI-WAR . He is a law-abiding, successful businessman who knows how to negotiate. President Trump will stop the war in Gaza, and help find a peaceful solution.

According to NPR, most Muslims voted for Joe Biden. So this is their fault too.

Muslims for Trump 2024!


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