Joe Biden & Democrats Are Flying & Bussing Tens Of Millions Of ILLEGAL ALIENS All Over The USA Constantly

A friend of a friend saw a huge busload of illegal aliens being dropped off in front of a grocery store the other day. They all went their separate ways, including into the store.

Democrats say only a small number of illegal aliens, illegal migrants, and legal immigrants are criminals, killers, rapists, child molesters, crazies, welfare recipients, etc…. So how many does that equal out of the 30 million illegals we had before Biden stole the 2020 election? How many of the NEW & NONSTOP tens of millions of unvetted illegals, after Joe Biden and his democrat party of slavery stole the 2020 elections from US, commit crimes? Ignorant democrat voters say it’s just a small number of them committing crimes. Democrat politicians and democrat voters do NOT care if women get raped, Americans get murdered, and kids molested by the foreigners that the democrat party of slavery ILLEGALLY traffics and smuggles to US. Because it’s just a small number, they say.

Out of the new 10 million ILLEGAL ALIENS & ILLEGAL MIGRANTS that illegitimate Joe and his illegitimate democrat party of slavery brought, so far, how many of them kill, rape, molest, rob, and get taxpayer money? The majority of them are on welfare. They are all using taxpayer money to get spread all over the USA.

How many Americans is it okay for these unvetted foreigners to kill, rape, molest, and rob every day and in every state?

An estimated 2,000 Americans are killed every year by people who are in the USA ILLEGALLY. American women get raped every day by illegals. What is that small amount of American women that democrat voters are okay with getting raped every day by ILLEGALS? 10? Are they okay with 10 American women being raped by illegals every day nationwide? How about 5 a day? Is that okay? How about just 1 a day? Is that acceptable? Are democrats a-okay with one American woman being raped every day by foreigners in the USA ILLEGALLY?  That equals 365 women getting raped by illegals every year. But it’s much more than that. The fake news ignores them all and or hides the rapists’ immigration status.

The bottom line is democrat voters are just fine with American women being raped every day by foreigners because according tot them, it’s just a small amount.

Democrat politicians are definitely a-okay with 10 American women being raped every day, kids being molested, and Americans being murdered by illegal aliens because the mainstream media ignores and hides all CRIME by illegal aliens and illegal migrants. Instead, they call Americans racist for NOT wanting the democrat party of slavery to send nonstop tens of millions (soon to be hundreds of millions) of unvetted, poor, mentally ill, and criminal foreigners all over the USA.






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