Lodi Council Member Shakir Khan Granted ZERO BAIL Release After Election Fraud Arrest

Can’t find his political party anywhere. You know what that means.


The judge in the case did raise concerns over previous allegations but ultimately granted Khan’s release on zero bail.

STOCKTON, Calif. —

A judge granted Shakir Khan’s release on his own recognizance on Friday after the Lodi council member appeared in court a day after his arrest on election fraud charges.

Khan was wearing an orange jumpsuit and seemingly in good spirits, showing thumbs up to the members of the media and pumping his fists in the air as he walked into a Stockton courtroom.

His attorney Allen Sawyer advocated for his release so Khan can return home with his family while ongoing investigations and proceedings in the case continue. Friends and family members calling for his release came out to show their support.

His friends and family don’t give a damn he cheated and seems to be a criminal. Oh he’s got a family so he can’t be punished for his crimes.

Khan faces multiple felony charges that stem from the 2020 election. He is accused of stashing 41 ballots at his home. Investigators also say he registered 23 people to vote at his home and that his email and phone number were used to register 47 others. Body camera footage showed voters telling detectives how Khan allegedly pressured them to vote for him and how he allegedly falsified voter registration documents…..

“I did not resign from the city council seat and I am going to continue to serve my community. I would like people to please withhold your judgment, I will fight my charges,” Khan said. READ MORE

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