Look At The Ass Kissers On Whitmer’s Video of Her Making Oatmeal

On YouTube you can erase all negative comments on your posts which Whitmer has done. I was the first one to even downvote it, supposedly. And when I downvoted it, it said your “feedback was shared with the creator.” We can’t even downvote the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, making oatmeal on You Tube. What a Nazi. She is a public official. They should not be allowed to erase negative comments and downvotes.

Only democrats can get away with killing thousands of Michigan resident with covid in nursing homes like Gretchen Whitmer did. Whitmer sent old people sick with covid to nursing homes to receive care killing thousands of people right before the 2020 election! When she did this, I said Whitmer is going to get people killed. So even I knew this would happen, and so did she. That is why she did it! To increase the covid death rate to hurt Donald Trump in the 2020 election. But all the brainwashed lying morons want Whitmer to have her own cooking show after governor.

Prison for Gretchen Whitmer the covid killer




While Gretchen Whitmer was busy making oatmeal on video, this is happening (below) in her state. Whitmer does doing NOTHING to stop ILLEGAL ALIENS from invading her state. Even worse, she is helping traffic and smuggle them to MI.

Suspected Foreign Gangs Breaking Into American Homes, Multi-Antenna Device and Advanced Tactics Points to Chilling Reality

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