Look At This Envelope Of A Letter I Got In The Mail From Nikki Haley

Nikki Hailey is the worst. I remember a long time ago her Twitter account followed my exposthemedia twitter account before I got banned multiple times. But her official account unfollowed me in just a few hours. They must have accidentally followed me. Anyways, ever since then I paid attention to Nikki Haley more. She is a lying, deep state, RINO who has NO chance of winning

Does Haley really think she has a chance of winning?! I doubt it. She is trying to take votes away from Donald Trump.

I sometimes wonder if these people are even humans. She said, ” I’m The Candidate Joe Biden Fears The Most.”  LOL LOL LOL. Does Nikki really think that people are stupid enough to believe that?!!!

Go away Nikki.

i didn’t even open it. I threw it in the garbage where it belongs.

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