Lying Lawyer Lisa Rubin On Joy Reid’s Fake News Show: Donald Trump Forcibly Inserted His Fingers In E. Jean Carroll’s Vagina. That Is A True Fact.

Lying lawyer Lisa Rubin on Joy Reid’s fake news show, ‘The ReidOut’ said: Donald Trump forcibly inserted his fingers in E. Jean Carroll’s vagina. That is a true fact.

The judge was nominated by Bill Clinton and the jury was just as partisan and corrupt as he is. There was NO proof. There were no third-party eyewitnesses or physical evidence. This story is stupid. The last thing Donald Trump ever wanted to do, is shove his fingers in EJC’s disgusting p*ssy.

Bill and Hillary Clinton pulled these strings because they are criminals. And Donald Trump destroys the illegitimate and criminal US government.




Below is another good one to listen to if you believe EJC. Because she is a liar and nutjob.



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