Muslim American Leaders In Swing States Vow To Defeat Biden In 2024: ‘We Will Change The Vote’

Donald Trump is anti-war!  He will end all wars. Trump also wants to protect you and your kids from all the criminals crossing the US borders, illegally, every single day.

Not all republican politicians are good. But all democrats politicians are bad.  The democrat party is the party of slavery for god’s sake, and they always have been! So please vote for Donald Trump. And vote for SOME republicans, but do your research on the republicans of course. Because democrats have infiltrated the republican party. They are called RINOs. Republicans In Name Only.

Better yet, if you are a Muslim who wants to end all war, secure the US borders, BOOM the economy, and help Make The World Great, then run for office as a Republican.

#MuslimsForTrump2024  That is the real resistance.




Trump Won


Democrats CHEAT


Prison for Joe Biden

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