My Website Got Hacked

My website got hacked. My hosting company got my website back online. And sold me some new services, but they left me high and dry for the weekend and Christmas. So I contacted my helper in Pakistan who is so helpful, kind, and hardworking. He knows what to do but he needs time. He got the columns on the home page back up, but he had to go on his vacation. He said his vacation spot will not have a good internet connection. Of course, I don’t know how to do jack shit when it comes to web development. I try to post on the columns he added on the home page but they are not working correctly yet. So I guess I will just post on the blog section because that still works. Once everything is done, this website will be more secure, and a little better.

While all this slowly gets fixed, I am going to act like democrat voters do about news and politics. I will just not look at my analytics and pretend none of this is happening. lol




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