Nets Ignore Biden’s Daughter-In-Law Receiving Chinese Wire Transfer

The mainstream media is controlled by the democrat party and their puppet masters.


Thursday saw the latest revelation in the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s corrupt overseas business dealings. As NewsBusters previously reported, all three evening news networks ignored House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) gaining access to the bank records of Hunter Biden’s business associates. Even with more concrete information on who benefitted from Hunter’s corruption has been made public, the “big three” nightly newscasts were still uninterested in the story.

Instead, the three networks were preoccupied with superficial stories like March Madness (ABC), former football player Jalen Carter being sentenced to probation for a fatal car crash (CBS), and a segment on so-called “Cancer Alley” in Louisiana which NBC made sure to fit in a racial angle into the story. READ MORE

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