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‘Zuckbucks’ Group Trains Election Offices On How To Put ‘Bidenbucks’ To Use

Judge Orders Redo Of 2022 Judicial Race In Texas After More Than 1,400 Illegal Votes Cast

Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registering To Vote Ahead Of November Elections, Study Finds

Congress Must Act To Stop Noncitizens From Voting

Without The SAVE Act, The Only Thing Keeping Foreigners From Voting Is The Honor System

Ohio Pleads With Biden Admin To Take Action After Finding ‘Non-Citizens’ On State Voter Rolls

George Soros Fueled $80M Into Groups Calling For Big Tech Censorship In Lead-Up To 2024 Elections

In Nevada’s Biggest County, Nearly 40,000 Ballots Counted Despite Arriving After Election Day 2022

Forensic Expert Claims Massive Switch of 50,000 Votes In Pennsylvania In 2020 Election

Here’s Fresh Evidence Biden’s Using Your Tax Dollars To Turn Out Democrat Votes In 2024

Fulton County 2020 Election Problems, Now Confirmed, Challenge Media Fact-Checkers

North Carolina’s Early Voting Locations Illegally Favor Democrats

Controversial Wisconsin Clerk Admits To Violating Election Law, Claims She Doesn’t Understand It

Whistleblower Confirms Election Systems Do Allow Election Results To Be Manually Changed

BOMBSHELL Investigation Reports ‘Improper’ 2020 Recount Procedures, THOUSANDS Of Ballot Images MISSING

Will Foreigners Be Able To Choose Our Next President? ‘As It Turns Out, Yes, Maybe Even Legally’

State Says It’s Bound By Federal Law To Provide Voter Registration Info To Noncitizens

South Carolina Agency: The Feds Force Us To Give Voter Registration To Foreign Nationals

CONFIRMED: Government Giving Voter Registration Forms To Non-Citizen Refugees

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster Launches Investigation After Non-Citizen Refugee Receives Voter Registration Form

20% of 2020 Election Mail-In Ballots Were Fraudulent, Investigation Finds

Crooked Arizona AG Who Stole 2022 Election Now Indicting Americans Who Challenged Stolen Elections

Demand Letter Calls On States To Prevent Illegal Aliens From Voting: Given Joe Biden’s Open Border, ‘What Are Plans To Stop It?’

Trump, Giuliani, Are Unindicted Co-Conspirators In Democrat Michigan Attorney General’s 2020 ‘Alternate Electors’ Case

Noncitizens ARE Voting — And Are 3x More Likely to Vote Democrat.

Illegal Migrants Along Border Say They ‘Want Biden To Win’ 2024 Election

Illegitimate, Criminal, Human Trafficking DHS Secretary Mayorkas Reveals No Measures In Place To Block Illegal Immigrants From Unlawfully Registering And Voting

Illegal Aliens Are Double-Timing It Over Northern Border As 2024 Election Looms

Judge Says Non-Citizens Can Vote In D.C. 

Democrats Will Win Elections By Inflating Census With Illegal Immigrants In Blue States

NYC Council Appeals Ruling Against Non-Citizens Voting Law While DC Receives Favorable Ruling

Wisconsin Investigators Allege Illegal Aliens Are Flooding The Voter Rolls In Swing States

George Soros Drops $60 MILLION Into Democrats’ War Chest – Second-Biggest Donation Of The 2024 Race To Back Ultra-Progressive Candidates And Causes

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Georgia Election Board Admits It Committed FRAUD In 2020

39 Times Facebook Interfered in US Elections Since 2008

Media Research Center: Facebook Has Interfered In U.S. Elections 39 Times Since 2008

New York Democrat Arrested And Charged With Felony After Faking Signatures On Election Petition, Including Those Of Dead People