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WATCH: Migrants Attack Police In New York City Shelter

Illegal Alien Accused Of Killing ‘Loving’ Wisconsin Father Of Three Daughters

Boston Families Furious As City Kicks Black Children Out Of Community Center To House Biden’s Migrants

Criminal Gretchen Whitmer Looking For Michigan Residents To House Illegal & Unvetted Migrants

Immigration System Isn’t Broken, Former Immigration Judge Says; The Laws Are Being Ignored

Illegal Border Crossers In New York City To Receive Debit Cards Worth up To $10,000 EACH

Democrats Roll Out Welcome Mat For World’s Criminals

WATCH: FedEx Truck Flips During Collision With Smuggler Fleeing Texas Police

African Eritrean Gangs Clash In 10-Hour Riot During ‘Cultural Celebration’, Attack Police Officers, Set Tractor-Trailer On Fire In North Carolina

Chicago Democrat Mayor Plans To Spend Another $250 Million On Illegal Migrants

Suspect In Venezuelan Gang Attack On Times Square Police Officers Out Of Jail After ‘Sanctuary’ Church Intervenes

NYPD Officer Injuries Skyrocket As ILLEGAL Migrants Pour Into City

Illegal Aliens Charged With Attack On NYPD Officers Members Of Venezuela’s Tren de Aragua Gang

New York City Police Identify And Arrest Illegal Alien Migrant Who Shot Tourist During Robbery In Midtown Manhattan And Then Opened Fire On Law Enforcement

Venezuelan Gang Responsible For At Least 62 Robberies In NYC: Police

Illegal Aliens Suspected Of Beating Up NYPD Officers Arrested In Phoenix

Watch: Chinese Illegal Admits Not Seeking Asylum – Only Crossed Border To ‘Take The Money’

Chinese Illegal Alien Apprehensions Up 4000% At US-Mexico Border Since 2021

What Are These Guys Doing Here?’ U.S. General Says Chinese ‘Coming To Kill Us’— ‘At This Moment Putting In Place The Infrastructure In America To Attack’

Biden Admin Threatens To Release Thousands Of Detained Illegal Aliens — At What Point Does This Become Domestic Terrorism?

Beijing Biden’s Admin Takes Texas To Court Over Law Making Illegal Border Crossing Arrestable Offense, Denies ‘Invasion’ On Border

The List: 64 Ways Joe Biden Opened America’s Borders To The World’s “Migrants”

Biden’s Job-Growth Boasts Built On Illegal Migration

Watch: Somali Illegals Declare Support For Biden, Rep. Ilhan Omar At Panama Migrant Staging Camp

Gangs Of South American Thieves Target Pennsylvania Town

Gang Of Illegals Now Stealing From Wealthy Gated Communities In Detroit

Northern States See Highest Record Of Border Crossings As Migrants Take Advantage Of Lax Laws To Get Into Canada

WATCH: Illegal Immigration On Pace For Another Record-Setting Year In 2024

Sheriff’s Source: 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered U.S.

Border Patrol Union Head Warns Of Spike In Military-Aged Men From China Crossing US Border

Department Of Homeland Security Officials Admitted In Emails It Fails To Track Illegal Aliens Release

REVEALED: Biden Admin Diverts Veterans Affairs Resources To Illegal Aliens

Late-Night Flights Of Illegal Aliens Uncovered At Phoenix Sky Harbor — Airline Employees And TSA Reveal Details To TGP — “We’re Getting Swamped… Some Of Them Smell Really Bad” (VIDEO)

Texas Sheriff Jim Skinner Plays Video Of Dallas Area Deputy In A Shoot Out With Cartel Driver Near Dallas – SHOCKING FOOTAGE

WATCH: James O’Keefe Infiltrates Secret Illegal Alien Compound in Tucson, Arizona – Threatened With Arrest By Gestapo Sheriff’s Deputies

Study Reveals At Least 60% Of Illegals, Green Card Holders Are On Welfare

Joe Biden Promises 2024 Campaign For More Migration And Amnesty

Lying, Cheating, Terrorist Joe Biden Blames Donald Trump And ‘MAGA Republicans’ For Broken Border System

We Don’t Want A Border Deal: We Want Deportations

Trump To States: Use National Guard To Remove Migrants Across Border

Illegal Alien In Midland, Texas Kills 10 Year Old Boy In Hit-And-Run

Illegal Alien DoorDash Driver Charged With Killing Woman, 3-Year-Old Daughter In High-Speed Crash – Police

Officials: Drug Trafficker Hauled ‘Massive Amounts’ Of Meth, Fentanyl From Mexico To Washington State

Honduran Gang Member Caught Illegally Crossing Northern Border After SIX Prior Deportations

December 2023 Sets Historic Record Of Illegal Aliens

Taxpayers Billed At Least $20 Billion For Refugee Assistance Over 2 Years

Highest Number Of Apprehensions In US History At Southwest Border In 1st Quarter Of Fiscal 2024

Democrats Insist Border Is ‘Secure,’ Corporate Media Shrug

26 Illegal Alien Killers, Pedophiles Arrested In Sanctuary State California

More Examples Of Serious Crimes By Illegal Aliens

Palestinian Migrant Who Arrived Via Mexico Allegedly Beat Homeowner After Stealing US-Israel Flag

South Carolina Lawmaker At Trump Rally Highlights Story Of 3-Year-Old Maddie Hines, Killed By Illegal Alien

Angel Mom: My Daughter Would Be Alive If Joe Biden’s DHS Had Followed The Law

ICE Deports Illegal Alien Wanted For Rape Released Into US Under Biden

Illegal Alien From Haiti Charged With Rape Of Disabled Person Released By Boston Court In Defiance Of ICE’s Detainer Request

Every Year, An Estimated 2,000 Americans Are Killed By Illegal Aliens

‘Animalistic Predator:’ 5-Time Deported Illegal Alien Gets 19 Years In Prison For Raping Woman With Special Needs

Illegal Alien Deported Four Times Charged With Killing Colorado Mother, Son In DUI Crash

Illegal Alien From Mexico Accused Of Raping Unconscious 15-Year-Old Girl