New York Housing Residents Miss Out on Thanksgiving Dinners After Illegal Aliens Get Them All

Deport all migrants and illegal aliens! These people have their own countries for god’s sake. The democrat party of slavery and George Soros traffic them to US while Americans DIE because of it. They are criminals and moochers just like most democrat voters.

Go live in your own countries people.





Breitbart: Residents of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) were shocked early this week when illegal aliens who got in line before they did for free Thanksgiving dinners given away by local food banks left many low-income citizens without a holiday meal this year.

Reports say that residents of the NYCHA were told when to line up for their turkey dinner and fixings delivery, but when they arrived at the appointed time, they found hundreds of illegals already at the head of the line, according to WNYW-TV.

Queensbridge Housing resident Georgia Butler, for one, was disgusted after losing out to illegals at this year’s food bank give away and noted that illegals were first in line

“They was first on line for the turkeys this morning,” Butler told the station. “They tell you to be there at 11 o’clock. You get there at like 10:30, 10:45, but they are already out there. The line is from over there to over here.”

“Why do we have to take the brunt of everything?” Butler asked Fox 5. “This community is already suffering.”



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