Newsmax Is Talking About A Woman Suing Hersheys For Misleading Reese’s Halloween Candy

Newsmax is on in the background. I am losing brain cells listening to it. They are talking about how Hershey’s is being hit with a lawsuit by a Florida woman over ‘misleading’ Reese’s Halloween candy – packs showed treats had Jack-o-Lantern faces on them when they did not. The people on the show couldn’t act more fake.

Newsmax has brought on several guests to talk about this stupid lawsuit. I think the Florida woman needs to get a life and Newsmax needs to find real reporters to report real news instead of wasting people’s time repeating unimportant stories.

Next they played Troopathon. Trying tor raise money for lip balm, gatorade, etc….. for the troops. Newsmax said: They protect. They serve. They make the world a safer place. Won’t you help our troops. Then they said America has troops in over 150 countries.

But our military does NOT make the world or the USA a safer place. Instead, they do the opposite. The US military serves illegitimate and terrorist presidents like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and George Bush I and II and go to war for them. They do NOT protect the USA, our elections, or our borders.

That is the truth about the US military. We need to bring the ALL of our troops home. We need honest and secure elections. We need secure borders and to deport illegal aliens and illegal migrants. It is 2024. Time for change.

There is not one informative and real news channel to watch on television.




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