Democrat Puppet Blasts GOP Hearing With FBI Whistleblowers, Calls MAGA Republicans Domestic Terrorists

Watch a democrat puppet read democrat, FBI, and deep state propaganda at the GOP-led FBI whistleblower hearing.  This puppet called people who suggest the 2020 elections were stolen and who were at Jan 6 protest, domestic terrorists.

She said:

  • The whistleblowers are a threat to our national security.
  • Republicans put forward conspiracy theories.
  • Republicans have baseless investigations.
  • MAGA Republicans are a threat to the rule of law in America.
  • Republicans want to defund the police on steroids.
  • Taxpayers have to pay for republicans’ circus like hearing hearings.
  • Then plays the race card.

She read much more democrat party and deep state propaganda too while defending the criminal FBI. Every word out of this woman’s mouth was pure democrat, FBI, and deep state propaganda. I wonder who wrote this for her. Defending the democrat party of slavery and the US intelligence agencies pays well.


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