Report: Joe Biden To Pay Foreign Countries To Control Inflow Of Illegal Immigration To U.S.

This is just an excuse to launder more money and bribe them! Close the fucking border and build the wall! Enforce immigration laws to the fullest.  And permanently deport all who come to the US illegally. That is how you stop illegals. But illegitimate Joe, the terrorist, doesn’t really want to STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS. He just says this to appease his very stupid voters.

Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the democrat party of slavery are the world’s number one child trafficker, human trafficker, child sex trafficker, sex trafficker, and human smuggler. The democrat party of slavery is a domestic and international terrorist group! And they control the media and public education system.

The democrat party of slavery never died!

Prison for Joe Biden and Alejando Mayorkas

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