Republican congresswoman launches bid to STOP U.S. sending hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to Palestinians following Hamas atrocity in Israel

America needs to cut off their money forever!! Protect America. Follow the US Constitution, and PAY OFF AMERICA’s DEBT.  STOP GIVING OUR MONEY TO THE WORLD!

NO more money to Hamas, Palestine, Israel! or the world. Stop funding the f*cking world and BUILD THE WALL.

Leave the world ALONE!

(Mail Online) California GOP Rep. Michelle Steel is introducing a new bill to cut off all U.S. aid for the Palestinian territory until the Palestinian Authority renounces Hamas and recognizes Israel. 

The U.S. currently funnels hundreds of millions in humanitarian aid for Palestinian people. The Biden-era policy is a departure from former President Trump who axed Palestinian aid.

‘This is commonsense. Not a single American taxpayer dollar should be sent to the corrupt, murderous Palestinian Authority until we have full confidence that it will never allow an evil like this to happen again,’ Steel said in a statement. READ MORE


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