The Fake News Ignores, Denies, And Lies About Crime By Foreigners In The USA ILLEGALLY

The mainstream media in the USA aka The Fake News ignores crime by lawless foreigners in the USA. People who come to the USA ILLEGALLY. including Biden’s migrants, kill, rape, rob and commit much more horrible crime against Americans every day and every state constantly. Their crimes NEVER stop. Yet illegitimate Joe and his democrat party of slavery keep bringing millions of unvetted foreigners to the USA.

If you wonder why America is such a dangerous and violent place. look no further that the democrat party and open borders.

The democrat party is a domestic and international terrorist group and they always have been.

Prison For Joe Biden

Shock # Of Migrants Apprehended At AZ Border Sector

Illegal Immigrants Charged In Multiple Smash-And-Grab Operations

Twice-Deported Illegal Border Crosser Charged With Murder After 2 Bodies Found In Nashville

Report: Biden Admin. Losing Track Of 99% of Millions Of Illegal Immigrants, Border Crisis Worse Than Ever

Terror Threats For U.S. Border Agents’ Families, As Cartels Pay For Their Home Addresses

Biden Boasts ‘White People’ Will Soon Be A Minority Due To ‘Unrelenting Immigration’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Brought 63K Immigrants To U.S. From Travel Ban Countries In First Year (That We Know Of)

Potential Terrorists From Syria Reach Remote Arizona Border Crossing

GOP Warns Of Terror In U.S. Due To Joe Biden’s ‘Asinine’ Border Policy

24K Chinese Biden Migrants Apprehended At Southwest Border In FY 2023

Biden’s America: Illegal Immigrant Gang Kidnaps Three Girls, Including 11-Year-Old, in Northern Minnesota And Rapes and Tortures Them – Not Making Headlines

MI Sheriff Sounds Alarm On Gangs Of Illegal Aliens Getting Into U.S. Through Border To Burglarize Americans

Firm Implicated In Child Trafficking Pipeline, MVM INC, Is Connected To CIA, MSC, Secret Service, & Henry Kissinger

Humanitarian Crisis Declared After Unmarked White Buses Drop Off THOUSANDS Of Illegal Aliens On San Diego’s Streets

WATCH: Criminals Breach Border, Push Small Children Under Texas Razor Wire

Massive Human Trafficking Bust In FL Reveals High School Teacher, Disney Employees Among Suspects

Mexican Cartel-Connected Drug Trafficking Ring Busted In Oklahoma

12K Migrants Apprehended In Arizona Border Sector In One Week (And Their Faces Are Blurred So We Can’t See)

MA Rep. Democrat Ayanna Pressley Insists ‘The Border Is Secure’ (VIDEO)

Illegal Alien Bites Off NYPD Sergeant’s Finger

Millions Of Criminals And Military-Aged Men Are Illegally Entering Your Country

New Data Reveals That 93 Percent Of Illegal Aliens Apprehended By Border Patrol Have Been Released Into The U.S.

Migrant Processing Center In El Paso PACKED With Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL Are Military Age Males (VIDEO)

Wanted Killers Among Nonstop Millions Illegal Aliens Freed Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

Biden Border Crisis Bringing Invasion Of Gang Members And ‘Cartel Affiliates’

US Foreign-Born Population Approaches 50 Million Under Illegitimate Joe

63K Migrants Apprehended In First 10 Days Of Sept — Up 10 Percent From Aug

Here We Go Again: Thousands Of Illegals Gather Under Texas Bridge As Eagle Pass “Under Siege”

Trump Vows To Invoke 1798 Law To Handle Illegals As Part Of ‘Largest Deportation Operation In History

El Paso Shelter Official: Surge In Migrants Is ‘A Warning’ — We Had A Shelter At 140% Capacity

Biden’s DOJ Eliminates Language On Child Sex Trafficking From Government Website And Child Victims Of Prostitution – After Losing Track Of 85,000 Migrant Children

Biden Regime Enabling And Promoting Child Sex Trafficking In America

Biden To End DNA Testing That Was Used To Prevent Child Trafficking

Border Patrol Union President Blasts Biden Administration For Ending Familial DNA Testing At Border

Former ICE Director: Mayorkas ‘Opened The Door’ To Pedophiles, Child Pornography, Forced Labor

Biden Repeatedly Ignored Warnings About Children As Young As 12 Working In US Factories… Instead, Biden’s Anti-Child Regime Punished Whistleblowers

President Trump: “On Day One Of My New Term In Office — I Will Sign An Executive Order Ending Automatic Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Aliens” (Video)

FEDS: Chinese Migrant Charged With Possession Of Child Porn Video Of Preschool-Age Girl

Biden Regime Actually Enabling And Promoting Child Sex Trafficking In America

Karine Jean-Pierre (D): Joe Biden “Has Done More To Secure The Border” Than Anybody Else

Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better’

Watch Omar Tell Illegals: ‘You Exemplify The Very Best Of Our Country’

‘It Was So Easy To Get Into The US’: Migrants Waltz Through Border Gates Welded Open By Biden Administration

Biden Asks Congress For Billions To Expand Illegal Migration

Illegitimate Joe Wants To Build Housing For Illegal Immigrants At The Border

Illegitimate Joe Oversees Record Border Crossers In U.S. With Unresolved Asylum Claims, Outpacing Populations Of 11 States

Illegal Migrants Getting Immigration Court Dates In 2032

HORROR: Illegal Alien From Haiti Freed Into US By Open Borders Biden Charged With Killing 11-Year-Old Aiden Clark

St. Louis Man Who Was Arrested For Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting 6-Year Old Boy On A Bike And Attempting To Rape Second Boy Is Afghan Refugee

Tennessee Soccer Coach Arrested For Drugging And Raping Multiple Children Is An Illegal Immigrant, Police Confirm

Detective: Illegal Alien’s Cellphone Included ‘Several Videos’ Of Himself Raping Young Boys’

2nd Migrant Busted Near Border With Child Porn In Two Days, Say Texas Cops

Illegal Alien Who Publicly Beheaded Girlfriend In Minnesota Found ‘Not Guilty’ Due To Mental Illness

Former ICE Official: Illegal Alien Accused Of Abducting, Raping Missing Teen

Illegal Alien Arrested For Alleged Rape, Murder Of 11-Year-Old Texas Girl After Nationwide Manhunt

Illegal Alien, Charged With Raping Teen Girl, Released Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

Illegal Immigrant Kids With Tuberculosis Infections Released Into 44 States

Whistleblower Says Biden Administration Trafficking Up To 40,000 Children Per Month From Border

Ten “Migrant” Children Found Abandoned In 115-Degree Heat Near Border In Texas

Illegal Alien, Protected By Virginia Sanctuary County, Accused Of Attempting To Kidnap 4-Year-Old Girl

Wanted Accused Illegal Alien Child Rapist Captured Years After Sanctuary County Freed Him

Former White House Adviser Says Biden Admin Is Running The ‘Epicenter’ Of Child Trafficking

Biden’s Open Border: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Reenters U.S. After Sexually Assaulting Girl

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Rapes 8-Year-Old, Then Forces Girl To Clean Her Blood From His Vehicle

Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Disabled Child

Illegal Alien Gets Life In Prison (Could Get Out In 20 Years) For Raping, Impregnating 10-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Who Traveled For Abortion

Illegal Alien Suspect In Kidnapping Of 12-Year-Old Girl Also Faces Capital Murder Charges

Illegal Alien Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girl Under 12

Nine-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl

Peruvian Illegal Alien Who Came In Through Eagle Pass, Released Into US By Biden, Regime Brutally Murders American In Houston

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Pregnant North Carolina Woman Loses Unborn Child After Being Shot By Gang Member (VIDEO)

‘Human Smuggler’ Kills 7-Year-Old Girl, Her Grandmother, 2 Others In Texas Horror Crash: Cops

28-Year-Old Illegal Arrested For Allegedly Posing As High School Student For A Year

Watch–Angel Mom Tells Congress: My Daughter Is Dead Due To Open Borders

Biden Helps Illegal Alien, Accused Of Killing Teen Girl, Evade Deportation

Syrian Refugee Who Killed 23-Year-Old Fargo Officer Came To U.S. Under Obama, Planned Mass Shooting

Angel Sons Of Sgt. Michael Kunovich Remember ‘Kind, Generous’ Father Who Died At Hands Of Illegal Alien

Five Illegal Aliens Charged With Murdering 15-Year-Old Boy In Maryland

Sanctuary State NY: Illegal Alien Accused Of Murdering 28-Year-Old Man

Sanctuary State New York: Second Migrant Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman In Hotel Room

Illegal Alien Sent To Western New York By Dem Mayor Eric Adams Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman

Welcome To America: In First Two Months in NYC, Illegal Arrested at Least 6 Times for 14 Crimes

NYC Hospital Official: Dealing With Migrant Surge ‘Hardest Work That I’ve Ever Done’

New York Reform Laws Allow Illegal To Brutally Rape Woman

Report: Migrants Attack Two New Yorkers After Throwing Objects At Pedestrians

Foreign-Born Workers In American Jobs Hit Record High

Biden Admin Increases Number Of Immigrants Allowed To Enter US Using Mobile App

Biden’s Labor Market: Foreigners Taking U.S. Jobs Hits Highest Level As Employment Of Americans Declines

Big Tech Corporations Continue Hiring Foreign H-1B Visa Workers After Mass Layoffs Of Americans

Biden Border Crisis: Illegal Invaders From Venezuela Plant Venezuelan Flag On Texas Island Near Eagle Pass (VIDEO)

Biden’s Borderless USA: 21K Venezuelan Illegal Alien Migrants In 12 Days Crossed Border Into One Texas Sector

Biden Protects 472,000 Venezuelan Illegals From Deportation

Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Imports 300K Ukrainians To U.S. — Twice The Population Of Charleston, SC

Armed Open Border Law Enforcement – Owen Shroyer Video: Armed Federal Agents Sent To Border To Protect Illegals Entering Country

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Smartphones Paid For By US Taxpayers – Some Do Not Have Court Dates Until 2035 (VIDEO)

Update On Alleged “White Supremacist” Who Crashed U-Haul Into White House Barrier: Sai Kandula Bought His Nazi Flag Online, Supports Eugenics And One World Order, And IS NOT A US CITIZEN

DHS Chief Mayorkas Unable To Say How Many Americans Have Been Killed By Illegal Aliens Since Biden Took Office

Biden’s Secretary Of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Says “Look, The Border Is Secure

White House Doubles Down On Kamala Harris’ Claim That Border Is ‘Secure

Biden’s DOJ Sides With Mexico And Mass Illegal Migration Against Texas And Border Security

Map Tracks Illegal Aliens Biden Regime Is Strategically Placing Across America… Are They Moving To Your Community?

Video: Illegal Migrants Let Into Texas By Guard Soldier Who Opens Eagle Pass Border Fence Under Orders From Biden Admin
Illegitimate Joe Cuts Deportations Of Illegal Aliens By More Than 90% In U.S. Towns

WATCH: Criminal Border Patrol Agents Cut Texas Border Barrier, Let Migrants Enter U.S.

Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s Border Agenda Is ‘Invasion’

Hundreds Of Billions Sent To Ukraine Could Have Built Seven 450-Mile Border Walls Along U.S.-Mexico Border

More Than 1.2M Fugitive Illegal Aliens Remain Living Across U.S. Despite Having Final Deportation Orders

Official Says Biden’s CBP One Program Benefits Drug Cartels

Biden’s DHS Released Illegal Alien Into U.S. Who Is Now Wanted For Murder

Illegal MS-13 Gang Member, Accused Of Murdering Kayla Hamilton Was Freed Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Family Of Five Brutally Murdered By Drug Cartel Fugitive In Texas

Uber Eats Driver Murdered By ‘Demonic’ MS-13 Member After Making Delivery To His Home

Twice-Deported Gang Member, Wanted For Murder, Among Biden’s 1.2M Illegal Alien ‘Got-Away’ Population In U.S.

Female Border Patrol Agent Reportedly Has Nose Broken By Illegal Immigrant

Massive Group Of Military-Age Males Storm Port Of Entry In El Paso In Effort To Get Into US (VIDEO)

Migrant Posing As Minor Who Killed Father Of Four That Took Him In Gets 60 Years In Prison

TX Mass Murderer Identified As Mexican National Who Has Been Deported Four Times

Illegal Alien Gets 10 Years In Prison After 2-Year-Old Son Found Dead In Dumpster

Illegal Alien, Freed Into U.S., Convicted Of Beheading Legal Immigrant Woman Who Changed Name To ‘America’

Police Vehicle Hit By Unlicensed Driver While Police Were Investigating Incident By A Different Unlicensed Driver

Illegal Alien Gets Up To 19 Years In Prison For Strangling Massachusetts School Teacher To Death

Sanctuary State: Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Guilty Of Triple Murder

Ex-Uber Driver Who Murdered Eight People In NYC Was In The U.S. On A Diversity Visa

Video: Migrants Try To Smash Their Way Into Texas Ranch House

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison After Stabbing Queens Woman 55 Times, Stuffing Her In Duffel Bag In Plea Deal

Illegal Alien Accused Of Scamming Palm Beach Residents Out Of $80K By Claiming To Have A Sick Child

Illegal Aliens Linked To South American Theft Ring Accused Of Burglarizing Alabama Jewelry Store

WTH! Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Arrested Again For Slew Of Crimes Including 21 Sexual Assaults

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Girlfriend, Two Of Her Children, Mother And Daughter Who Lived Next Door

Man Beats Woman For Wearing American Flag Shirt

Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Father Of Two In Texas Hit-And-Run

Report: Afghan Man, Brought To U.S. By Biden, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

Man Who Beheaded Mother In Front Of Horrified Neighbors Is An Illegal Immigrant With Expired Visa

Ukrainian With Long Criminal Record That Killed 7 Bikers While High On A Mixture Of Drugs Found Not Guilty

More ILLEGAL ALIEN Headlines

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