‘Transnational gangs’ conduct ‘high-end burglaries’ in Oakland County, sheriff says

Transnational gangs as in ILLEGAL ALIENS that illegitimate Joe and his democrat party of slavery traffic and smuggle to the USA. The democrat party of slavery brings the criminals of the world to US by the tens of millions then sends them all over the USA constantly. But especially to states with criminal politicians like Gretchen Whitmer. This is Illegitimate Joe and illegitimate Big Gretch’s fault.

Democrat voters in MI are ignorant and brainwashed morons. There is NO helping most of them. They will vote democrat until the day they die, no matter what democrat politicians do to them or their state and  country. A lot of them are foreigners too. Foreigners and hyphenated-Americans do NOT care about American’s national security. They just want their $$$.





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