You Know What’s Really Sad?

Websites that never had a preview image or stop including them make me sad. lol For example, World Net Daily and Gateway Pundit used to have great looking preview images. Now they look like this after you link to them. See below


Railroaded J6 political prisoner teaching Constitution to hardcore criminals





GWP—> GWP headlines sometimes look like the WND one above, but not today.


Websites like Breitbart and Infowars have never had preview images appear. I don’t understand why professional news websites do not want a preview image to appear when other websites link to them. For example, look at the post below. 100 Percent Fed Up always has a preview image appear.

Vaccine Manufacturer Faces Two ‘Wrongful Death’ Lawsuits On Behalf Of Mothers Who Allege Shot Killed Their Daughters

And so does Pacific Pundit.

Illegal immigrant steals tow truck goes, smashes cars, takes police on high speed chase in Maryland.. Media describes him as “man”

The only reason I don’t have one on most of my blog posts is because no one links to me so I don’t care much. Although, I am adding more.

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