Alex Wagner Talked About The Israel-Hamas War For Her Entire Show

Five days after Israel was attacked, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner talked about Israel for the entire hour of her fake news show. She talked about nothing else. Earring Alex brought on people who call themselves reporters to talk about it with her. But they just repeated what everyone else in the fake news was saying.

Alex Wagner and the fake news will use their “War In Israel” to distract from Biden’s crime and our OPEN BORDERS. Democrats vet NO ONE they let in. And they are coming in from all over the world by the tens of millions.

The 2 one minute videos below were the only parts worth mentioning in the entire fake news show.

Real news doesn’t spend the entire show talking about ONE news story like nothing else is going on.

Alex Wagner doesn’t report news. She repeats democrat party and illegitimate US government propaganda for a living.

The following You Tube video will NOT show up as a video in the post for some reason.  So I have to link to it.



The headline of the video is MSNBC Talker: Biden Will Have To Restrain Netanyahu. Friends Don’t Let Friends Commit War Crimes.







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