Fake News Narrative: The Same Thing Going On In Israel Will Happen In USA If You Elect Trump Because Of Trump’s Preoccupation With Corruption Trials

The fake news that I have been watching on CNN and MSNBC keeps asking, How Could This Have Happened In Israel?  It is their number one question. And I just realized why.

Tom Freidman, a NY Slimes Op-Ed writer,  said on Morning Joe: Donald Trump and Netanyahu are brothers of the same mother and have the same DNA Mix. 

Then he said:

This is what it looks like in Israel when you entrust a leader who is completely compromised by his own corruption trials to navigate a country through an incredibly dangerous and difficult moment. Um. If you like the show you’re seeing in Israel then bring it on in the United States…….

The fake news is trying to say that if America elects Donald Trump, we will get attacked because of Trump’s preoccupation with his corruption trials just like Netanyahu in Israel. But the attack on Israel is Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s  fault in a big way because they funded Iran and Hamas. Remember when they sent a plane with $400 million in cash to Iran? Plus. Biden’s $6 Billion Ransom Payment to Iran Fuels Their Terror Machine.

Now Biden is sending ships, weapons, and military to Israel to fight in the World War 3 that they helped create and fund.


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