Bill Maher Shocked As Killer Mike Refuses To Endorse Biden Over Trump

Bill Maher is shocked because he expects all black people to support the democrat party of slavery like his slaveholder ass does. Only criminals, illegal aliens, communists, slaves, slaveholders, moochers, brainwashed morons, and government dependent idiots support the democrat party of slavery.

Daily Caller:

Comedian Bill Maher seemed taken aback when rapper Killer Mike declined to endorse President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump during Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Despite Maher repeatedly pressing Killer Mike to reveal his preferred candidate, the rapper steadfastly avoided answering the question directly. Maher persistently prodded him in seeming disbelief and Killer Mike eventually outlined the conditions under which he would give Biden his endorsement, challenging the president to take specific actions catered to black people. READ MORE

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