STATON: No Democrat Can Defend This

Oh but they do while lying and denying it all. It’s the democrat party of slavery! They are nothing but a child/human/sex trafficking terrorist group and they always have been.


Daily Caller:

“It is hard to visualize the consequences of bad lawmakers until you see the victims,” Elon Musk posted to Twitter late Wednesday evening.

Musk was commenting on a photo of José Menjivar, an illegal immigrant who killed a Colorado mother and son while driving drunk last month. Menjivar was released from custody with no jail time just days before the tragic crash. He had racked up three DUIs previously and had been deported four times.

In a healthy, responsible society, crimes like Menjivar’s would be viewed as heinous, and treated with the utmost level of seriousness.

But in 21st-century America, you don’t have to look too far to find examples of the kind of inexcusable judgment frequently displayed by those in charge. One might, for example, look to the schools in Chicago being closed to make room for illegal aliens. READ MORE

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