Melania Welcomes Foreigners From 25 Different Countries, Americans Do NOT Want More Foreigners

While Melania welcomes new citizens in a Naturalization Ceremony Speech, I think why can’t these people just live in their own countries?! Yes, they can. But the people who control the USA keep bringing them over. I am sick of it. We do NOT need to be some welcoming country that welcomes everyone in the world who wants to come to the USA.  They take our jobs, money, healthcare,  opportunities, welfare services, and much more. Many of these people will commit crimes too. Did they even come to the USA legally?

America is full. We don’t need or want more people. Foreigners need to stay in their own countries. Stop welcoming foreigners. That is why the world is NOT free and also why America is such a dangerous place. It is why people hyphenate. You can’t put Americans first when you keep bringing over foreigners.

I’d rather she meet with 25 families who had a relative killed by an illegal alien or legal immigrant. Or meet with women who have been raped by foreigners and illegal migrants.

ALL foreigners come to the USA for money. But they need to fix their own damn countries, and make money there.

Close the border completely. America is full.

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