Then Banned Me For Multiple OR Repeat Violations Of X Rules

I Got An Unjust Suspension Followed By Lifetime Ban For Alleged Multiple Or Repeat Violations Of The X Rules

Why doesn’t a business with over 500 million customers (X) prioritize customer service and customer support? It’s because the San Francisco democrats prefer to suspend and ban customers based on their speech. I was permanently banned from Elon Musk’s X a few days ago.

What got me banned from X? This did –> X provided me with the link to all of their rules but didn’t specify which rules I violated or on which posts. The only rule I breached was political. Also, that’s not the correct link and they incorrectly labeled it as a suspension. The correct link is, and it resulted in a permanent ban.

Below is the final email I received from X on 2-7-2024.

My experience with X is as follows:

I received an email from X stating that I had evaded suspension, resulting in being suspended. Evade means to ‘escape or avoid through cleverness or trickery,’ which I did not engage in. Additionally, the second suspension lacked a specified end date, essentially amounting to a ban. X provided a link to appeal the ban, which I utilized every day of the 6-day suspension. However, on the 6th day of appeals, despite explaining that I did not evade suspension, X permanently banned me for ‘multiple or repeat violations of the X rules’.

Below is the email I received from X on 2-2-2024, preceding the one above, informing me that I was “suspended,” which effectively meant banned for evading suspension.


X never allowed me to communicate with a human representative. I presume a California democrat reviewed my case briefly. They likely found my pinned tweet, directly addressing all democrat governors on X, asking when they would stand with Governor Abbott to secure the US borders and utilize the National Guard to deport illegal aliens, offensive. I suspect they also disapproved of my email address, prisonforjoebiden@, which I used to sign up for X. These factors, along with my X bio, probably led them to my ban.

The following screenshot appears on my X page.

It’s highly doubtful that X carefully reviewed my account. Did they assign a 20-year-old democrat employee to look at my account briefly, or was it reviewed by algorithms? Because I did not evade a suspension. What actually occurred is that I received a 7-day suspension. This suspension took place approximately three weeks after Musk acquired Twitter. So, I decided to quit. I thought, “F that.” I refused to be suspended by someone who claims to champion free speech because I expressed my opinion that changing one’s gender is not good for one’s health. Consequently, I permanently deleted my account a few days into my suspension. At that time, I never imagined I would want to return to X. I was completely disillusioned with it. However, after about three months, I kept hearing Elon Musk express crucial viewpoints on immigration that I was previously prohibited from sharing on Twitter. So, I concluded that I needed to get back on X to access his posts.

After a few weeks of returning to X, I made the decision to update my username, display name, and profile to showcase my website. I made this change with the goal of driving more traffic to Following this adjustment, I upgraded to Premium, submitted my ID, and clearly demonstrated transparency. Given that I had left Twitter three months prior, I assumed there would be no issues. I also believed that my 7-day suspension was issued by the previous content moderation team, before Musk’s takeover. However, X, under Musk’s leadership, is now accusing me of evading suspension. This accusation does not align with my actions. If I had wanted to remain on X so desperately, I would have simply waited out the 7-day suspension. I would not have evaded it by permanently deleting my account, forfeiting my 10,000 followers, and staying away for three months, only to return later and supposedly evade a 7-day suspension. That is not cleverness or trickery. I just changed my mind.




I sent a message to X and got the automated reply below.

They advise allowing 3-5 days for review and response. However, there are instances where it may take longer to receive a reply. Personally, I anticipate a higher standard of service. Why should anyone endure a 3-5 day or longer wait for customer support, particularly from a company operating 24/7/365?

I got a few other automated emails when I appealed the suspension. See below.


I received only automated email responses to my daily appeals on 2-2-2024, 2-3-2024, 2-4-2024, 2-5-2024, and 2-6-2024. On 2-7-2024, I believe a person made that decision. Despite being able to send appeals with an explanation, along with a link to this blog, I found Musk’s company lacking in customer service and customer support. Perhaps Elon Musk should consider hiring individuals like myself to handle the cases of suspended and banned customers, given my strong interpersonal skills, relevant job experience, and understanding of the suspension/ban experience. X’s deficiency lies in its lack of 24/7 professional customer service and support.

I endured a 6-day suspension for an offense I did not commit, followed by a lifetime ban. Not a single employee responded to my appeals. They did not provide details on the rules I allegedly violated or present evidence of the offending posts. Human beings promptly reading appeals, conducting research, and helping customers should not be a challenging task. My case was straightforward, and I reiterated it multiple times, yet X’s abysmal customer service and support prevented any meaningful dialogue. This level of neglect is unacceptable. Customer satisfaction and safeguarding free speech ought to be X’s primary concerns.

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